My Future Stars Volleyball Season 2018

My Future Stars Volleyball Season 2018

Hello Arizona Volleyball Friends!

This is Sadie Weiss, I am 10 years old and it’s been a few weeks since my last blog about my Future Stars Volleyball Season.

To be exact, it’s been 5 weeks since my first game, and in that time my team “the Hurricanes” have won 4 games and lost only 2.  I think our team is pretty good!  I have been practicing hard with my team every Tuesday and Thursday and I even practice at home, although my Daddy-o says I don’t do it enough… He’s wants me to be the best I can be.

“I believe HARD WORK, PAYS OFF”. 

Last week, I put in some extra work and went to a very special Friday practice with special guest SIERRA THOMPSON from the University of Arizona.  She was super cool “for being a Wildcat”, and she helped me A LOT!  I wore my ASU Sun Devil shirt just for her!!! I asked her to take a picture with me and she ran at first but was still nice enough and took a picture with this little Sun Devil.

Playoffs start next week and I am soooooooo excited for my first ever playoffs. I am going to work hard on my serve to help my team DOMINATE.  I want to give a shout out to some out of my teammates Haley, Mckenna, Mia, Danica,Keely, Rayna ( I don’t remember everybody’s name but I will next week because they are all so cool and good volleyball players :).


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