PHOENIX, AZ – Matrix Club Volleyball

Matrix Club Volleyball is excited to have girls who will be dedicated to Matrix Volleyball and their team/coaches.

Some of the best teams out there are the teams that have been playing together for years. We want our girls to win together, stay together, grow together and support each other, on and off the court. Once they grow up and have chosen there college to play or just attend, we hope that they will always be there to continue to support each other.

At Matrix, our mission is to produce winners. Being a winner, doesn’t mean your team is undefeated; It is taking a group of ordinary girls, and transforming them into something extraordinary. They will find their true potential by being pushed to the limits, and feeling they are the best player they can be. “We don’t know who we are until we see what we can do,” -Martha Grimes. One of our main goals is to build our players self-esteem, which carries them through life, and is a tool they can rely on.

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