We are a faith-based volleyball club with a keen focus on two things: teaching and recruiting. What does this mean for your player?

Faith-based: We do not expect our players to be of similar faiths or religious backgrounds. In fact, we think our club is a stronger representation of our Christian values because we have players of all faiths and beliefs. We do, however, expect all of our players to respect and embrace our club values and serve as role models of sportsmanship, fair play, discipline, and integrity.

We believe that sports can enrich the social dimension of human life. Learning how to play as a team member shifts the focus from “me” to “we.” Rather than individual success, the importance of contributing to a group effort is emphasized. Being part of a team sport also offers our players opportunities to form life-long friendships based on similar interests.

We also believe that through sports, we can learn important values for life. Learning the rules of the game, fostering respect for the values of honesty, integrity, and fair play, along with developing skills to deal with adversity on the volleyball court, offer potential for positive formation of life skills in other areas, such as family, community, and work.

We know that in order to succeed in sports and athletic competition, discipline and, at times, personal sacrifices are necessary. We expect our players to pursue a regimen of physical activity and regular practice that mirrors a form of Christian discipline. In this way, our players learn to positively deal with balancing human passions, intelligence, and the will. We expect our players to balance their commitments to faith, family, academics, and volleyball, in that order.

Teaching: Our player development philosophy revolves around the guiding principle of player education.

Player education forms the foundation for efficient athlete development and bio-mechanical correction. Regardless of age or level of play, every player has the ability to create improvements in performance through a better understanding of their own mechanics and the role that it plays in their ultimate success. Education leads to improvements in other factors of performance, including power, speed, coordination and resistance to injury.

We implement clinics throughout the season and utilize teaching tools to help our players develop correct form and muscle memory. Teaching tools currently include:

SoloSpike: Attack and spike trainer, perfect for teaching full arm extension, body mechanics and all other hitting fundamentals. We use SoloSpike to work on hitting mechanics and reinforce good footwork and armswing mechanics. Learn more here.

Our goal is to make each of our players the very best volleyball player she can be.

Recruiting: We utilize our relationships with college recruiters and coaches to maximize our players’ chances to get college scholarships. We prioritize athletic scholarships over team wins. What do we mean by that? If a collegiate coach is there to see your player, she will be put on the court. It may cost us the “win” but if we obtain the bigger “WIN” for your player (an athletic scholarship), we are successful. Your player’s future is more important than our team winning a match.


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